Why living sustainably?

Living sustainably is the greatest challenge our societies face. We urgently need innovative solutions for resource consumption, transport and mobility along with new, low carbon ways of living and working.

Local and national governments, business and communities everywhere are looking for ways to reconcile climate targets, tight timelines and resource and financial constraints.

But living sustainably is not just a policy challenge: it is also a challenge of the imagination. We need creative, radical approaches to transforming the institutions and systems that shape our communities and economies. Approaches that build towards a more just and peaceful world, and recognise the wishes of diverse communities today, and in future  – while also being affordable and feasible for real-world adoption.

We believe that to succeed we need to work in partnership – across policy, non-profits, business and academia – to bring to life imaginative ideas underpinned by excellent research.

What we do

Launched in 2021, Living Sustainably brings together world-renowned researchers across science, social science, arts and humanities to offer insight and collaboration opportunities to enable new approaches to sustainability and the green agenda.

Our approach is holistic, recognising the connected aspects of this agenda: from the need to promote biodiversity and natural capital, to enabling sustainable business practices, to considering planetary health issues,  to supporting sustainable and thriving communities and much more. See our five key areas of research here.

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To offer cutting-edge insight, expertise and evidence to help policy makers, non-profits and businesses build and bring to life ambitious sustainability roadmaps
  2. To curate new, multidisciplinary and cross-sector partnerships to develop new ideas, outputs, and solutions underpinned by excellent research
  3. To nurture a new generation of academics and practitioners skilled in collaborative research and innovation to tackle major sustainability challenges of today – and tomorrow.

How we work

Living Sustainably offers a unique blend of multidisciplinary research expertise that spans science, the arts and humanities and social science, and connects practitioners across policy, business and the third sector.

Our core principles are:

  • We are solutions oriented: we curate state-of-the art research and insight to help solve real world challenges while seeking to balance social, environmental, biodiversity and sustainability goals
  • Our approach is multidisciplinary and cross-sector: we work across traditional boundaries to develop rich insight and solutions that draw on numeric, cultural, social, policy and business insights.
  • Our work is collaborative: we listen to our partners, nurture relationships, and work to co-develop and implement project findings.

Our researchers have an extensive track record in developing innovative projects that address urgent societal needs and respond to policy, business and third-sector challenges.

The outputs from our collaborations are diverse, ranging from policy interventions to new corporate processes to public exhibitions to patent development.

If you have an idea for how we can collaborate, just email info@livingsustainablyinsight.com.

Our partners