Policy and innovation network

list of sustainable development goals

Our policy and innovation network was launched in spring 2022 and is designed to achieve three things:

  1. Share the latest research evidence and insight in relation to greener futures, biodiversity and natural capital, sustainability and the creative industries, planetary health and thriving communities.
  2. Bring together practitioners from across government, corporate, non-profit sectors to consider the implications of this insight for future policy and practice.
  3.  Explore and initiate collaborative projects focused on research, knowledge exchange and/or skills development.

Formally, we will meet several times a year alongside our ongoing collaborations and informal conversations.

The current members of the policy and innovation network include:

  • local government in Surrey and the wider London regions such as Surrey County Council and Hounslow Borough Council
  • UK government departmental representatives including BEIS, DCMS, DEFRA, and Health and Social Care
  • Public bodies responsible for environment and conservation, such as RBG Kew and Natural England
  • Civil society organisations working in development, such as Global Action Plan
  • Heritage and public education, including Wessex Archaeology

We welcome further members who can benefit from and can contribute to sharing research to our research and innovation network. Just email info@livingsustainablyinsight.com to get in touch.