Sarah Ansari

Professor of History

Themes: Thriving communities

Expertise: Population displacement and refugee crisis; migration more broadly.

I am strongly committed to raising awareness and action regarding the complex historical issues involved in population displacement, both past and contemporary.  Much of my recent research has focused on the largest population upheaval of the twentieth century, namely that associated with the partitioning of British India that took place alongside independence from colonial rule in 1947, and particularly on the long-term impact on the lives of the millions of people who were displaced, and the diaspora communities that it also helped to produce.

In this connection, I have worked with the Partition Heritage Project and the Partition Education Group to encourage greater exploration of Partition in UK schools as well as to encourage awareness of Partition’s legacies among the UK public more generally.

My latest book (co-written with fellow historian William Gould) Boundaries of Belonging: Localities, Citizenship and Rights in India and Pakistan (CUP, 2019) highlighted the common experiences that took place on both sides of the new borders that divided South Asians after 1947.

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