Yiannis Anagnostopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Financial Management

Themes: Thriving communities

Expertise: Financial regulation, agency theory and agency relationships in financial markets, democratisation in finance

I am intrigued by the democratisation in finance movement aiming to recalibrate the ways of how businesses are motivated and organised, as well as revamping the old ways of thinking about market forces.  My latest research deals with the emerging philosophy in the new financial ecosystem that Banking as a Service (BaaS) today is seen as ‘doing business to do good’ and supports how people do life.

I collaborate with a variety of stakeholders and emerging financial technology businesses embraced by consumers, competitors and incumbents where the barriers around financial services companies are collapsing, where new providers enter and alternative types of financial services are provided in society to reach an ever growing clientele. My research also partially addresses financial inclusivity as modern financial services are becoming more customer centric, but they strain to attend to the needs of particular customer segments such as people with no access to financial services (i.e. bank accounts) or in developing economies.