Judith Hawley

Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature, Member of The Food Group

Themes: Greener futures, Sustainability and creativity

Expertise: I am committed to a greener future in my personal and professional life.

As a founder member of The Food Group at RHUL, I have been involved in two events which raise awareness of the intersection of sustainability and culture, Inedible, Unpalatable and Indigestible and  Food and Drink on the Brink. My work on literature, culture and heritage challenges traditional boundaries and connects past and future. My publications explore the boundaries between amateur and professional. In the heritage sector, my role as a Trustee  of Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust and of The London Luminaries helps build communities and generate income for a group of twelve historic properties in South West London. As a frequent contributor to radio and TV programmes I participate in current debates about the future of the past. I am determined to apply my expertise and extend my knowledge to support the sustainability of the natural and cultural environment.

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