Hyemi Shin

Lecturer in Responsible Management

Themes: Greener futures, Thriving communities

Expertise: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability governance, corporate communication, stakeholder engagement

I have worked on exploring corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as an emerging field at multi-levels as management researcher. My work focuses on how the CSR/ sustainability field has emerged in different contexts by examining CSR/sustainability governance, CSR/sustainability reporting, the role of governments, and professional CSR/sustainability organisations, and how CSR/sustainability professionals work and implement CSR/sustainability policies. My experience includes working with CSR/ sustainability professionals and serving as consultant to business actors (both social enterprises and for-profit organisations) that implement CSR/ sustainability (e.g., UN SDGs) in Slovenia and the UK and as researcher to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to investigate the emergence of the CSR/sustainability function at organisations. I would like to work with various stakeholders that contribute to the field, particularly such as the government, CSR/sustainability professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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