Erica Rowan

Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Member of the Food Group

Themes: Biodiversity and natural capital, Greener futures, Thriving communities

Expertise: I am passionate about creating a greener and more sustainable planet for human, plant, and animal communities

My work on ancient diet and fuel consumption contributes to our understanding of past human/environment relationships and provides future solutions for sustainable food production and consumption. My current AHRC project, Negotiating the Modernity Crisis: Globalization, economic gain and the loss of traditional and sustainable food practices in Turkey (AHRC AH/V000454/1), aims to articulate and find solutions to local and globalising pressures by studying the dynamics of both ancient and modern sustainable foodways in the province of Manisa, and especially the agency of women.

I am also one of the founding members of The Food Group at RHUL where I have co-organised and participated in our two sustainability events, Inedible, Unpalatable and Indigestible and Food and Drink on the Brink. I enjoy discussing and sharing the findings of my research with the public through a variety of media, including blogs and podcasts.