Chris Rees

Professor of Employment Relations

Themes: Thriving communities (especially decent working practices, also sustainable work and economic growth)

Expertise: Employee representation and participation, corporate governance regulation and reform, employment consequences of mergers and takeovers

My research has been broadly in sociology of work and employment, with particular focus on employee voice and representation. Recent interest in UK corporate governance reform – especially codetermination at board-level, also ownership and stewardship, directors’ duties, corporate reporting and ESG disclosure requirements, and regulatory / company law mechanisms. Relevant to wide range of debates on sustainable business, socialising finance, and the democratisation of work.

Published recent reports and papers on stakeholder corporate governance, board-level workforce engagement, and the regulation of takeovers. Established connections and contacts across a range of relevant policy-related bodies – e.g. Financial Reporting Council (FRC), Involvement & Participation Association (IPA), Trades Union Congress (TUC), Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (PIRC), High Pay Centre, and Labour Business.

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