Living sustainably is the greatest challenge our societies face. We believe that to find solutions we need to work in partnership - between researchers, policy makers, non-profits and business. 

Living Sustainably exists to share cutting edge insight, facilitate new ideas, and enable connections between thought leaders, academics and practitioners working to tackle major sustainability challenges of today – and tomorrow.


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Find out how to benefit from our research expertise, from co-developing research projects, consultancy and training to secondments and knowledge exchange.


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Explore opportunities to collaborate in our forum to share the latest insights and bring together practitioners across government, corporate and non-profit sectors.

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Our research

Living Sustainably at Royal Holloway is interdisciplinary, multi-partnered and multi-sited. Our work is shaped by policy-relevant and public agendas but also resolute in its academic rigour and commitment to the highest standards of ethical consideration. Our colleagues work with well-established partners such as RBG Kew as well as in smaller teams involving local and national government, national and international organizations, business and industry and civil society. We are committed to generating a diverse array of outputs from creative works in a range of media, to scientific papers and consultancy reports.

Biodiversity and natural capital

Greener futures

Reducing health inequalities

Sustainability and creativity

Thriving communities